Everything you should know about Roof Replacements

Roof Replacements: A Common Need in the Northwest

Your roof is the most significant part of your house because it protects you from the wind, rain, snow, and extreme heat. Additionally, it improves the aesthetic appeal of your home if the person who designed it did so correctly. Unfortunately, your roof is also the most vulnerable part of your house. More specifically, it suffers from cumulative damage as it protects you from hazards caused by the weather. Molds, insects, and rodents also damage your roof considerably. Consequently, roof replacement in Portland is necessary eventually. It benefits you because it increases the resale value of your property. Moreover, it reduces the cost of heating and cooling your house because contemporary roofs are energy efficient. Furthermore, your home becomes safe for your loved ones when you replace old and dilapidated roofs.

Roof Replacement Portland

Roof Replacement Challenges

This type of work is difficult and dangerous for various reasons. For instance, you have to work on steep slopes. Doing so is difficult because you can slip and fall. Injuries sustained during such falls include bruises, broken bones, and in some cases, death. You can also fall when you are using a ladder. Other dangers include inhaling hazardous materials such as asbestos powder or mold spores. Additionally, roof replacement may be difficult because of the weather. Sometimes, it may be too cold to work while at other times, it may be too hot to work. Rainy or snowy weather may also be a problem. Finally, roofs can cave in while you are working.

Tips on Roof Replacement

You have to follow particular rules and guidelines when it comes to this type of work. Doing so helps you to complete the job perfectly and safely. You can start by removing old shingles. Then you can repair the underlying wood. Remember, putting new shingles on top of damaged wood reduces the lifespan of your new roof. Moreover, you should add protective barriers between the shingles and the wood because they would act as additional shields against water and ice.

Looking for shingles that have warranties for high winds is an excellent idea because they will protect you if mild hurricanes or tornadoes hit your area. Always use protective clothing especially when you are working on old roofs that may have asbestos compounds on them. Use a respirator mask if necessary so that you do not inhale asbestos particles or mold spores.

Finding a Roof Replacement Expert

First, you have to determine whether you need this kind of expert to help you with your roof. Fortunately, making this determination is easy. You just have to examine your roof for signs of cracks, loose shingles, and growth of mildew. Water seeping into your attic from the rooftop is also an indication that you should repair your roof. Moreover, visible signs include stains on your ceilings or interior walls.

Call us when you realize that you need professionals in roof replacement. We have the necessary qualifications and training to handle this kind of work. We also have a license from the relevant authorities in Portland. Additionally, we have insurance coverage for our employees. Whether you live in the dense, wooded area in the Tualatin Mountains just outside of downtown Portland, or the busy commercial blocks along Powell Boulevard, our team fixes roofs within a service area large enough to accommodate any Portland home.