Keeping a Roof Over Your Head Like a Pro

Roof Replacement: A Once in a Lifetime Job

Are snowy, windy and rainy days a nightmare that robs you of peace of mind especially when at home? Do you sometimes feel like even the mildest of winds will blow away your roof? It may be time for roof replacement. And fortunately, if well taken care of, you will only have to do this once in your lifetime.

A roof just isn’t worth it if it isn’t functional. If yours isn’t working as it should then it may be the long awaited time to have it replaced. Think about it, this needful exercise may save you a lot of money in the long run and most importantly, a lot of headaches. It may be time to contact one of the many experts on roof replacement in Portland.

Replacing Roofs for the Long Term

When it comes to having your roof replaced, it is highly recommended that you hire a team of experts to professionally handle the project. Everyone thinks that they could handle just any home project but one mistake might see you spending a lot of money in undoing the mess or raising a lot of safety risks. A roof replacement expert is trained and highly skilled through experience in performing such tasks. You simply cannot compare.

Hire a roofer who replaces roofs with integrity

Upon hiring a company to tackle your roof replacement project, they will first inspect the condition of your roof to determine the level of damage. What may seem like a few missing shingles may actually be the tip of an iceberg.

After noting down all the problematic areas and figuring out what needs to be done, experts will cover the entire building for protection purposes. This is done using tarps and protection plywood.

Time to replace the roof on your home?

Sometimes the problem with your roof may lay deeper than you think. It is because of this that roofing experts will remove all shingles in order to inspect the wood decking. It is at this stage that they may discover missing nails and rotted, soft or wet wood that needs to be removed. Failure to this, your shingles will not stay intact. You may also notice some bumps and other eyesores as a result.

Once the wood decking is approved, experts will install a drip edge. This is a piece of roofing metal that prevents rain from getting underneath the roofing material at the edges. Thereafter, they will install a special roofing underlay known as the water and ice shield. This sticks to the roof decking hence preventing water leaks.

Elements of proper roof removal and installation

It is after proper installation of the water and ice shield that the entire roof will be covered with roofing felt. This is done especially to prevent the shingles from sticking to the wood. Only an expert would be knowledgeable enough to use the heavy duty #30 roofing felt for this step.

After successfully and professionally completing the above steps, the roofing expert of your choice will not begin laying the new roofing material. After the project, they will clean up the area hence leaving your home better than it was before. Thereafter, they will perform an inspection to ensure that your roof replacement project went well and that it is satisfactory.

Clearly, roof replacement means more than just replacing damaged shingles. It may sometimes mean replacing the entire roof. Hiring experts to handle your roofing projects is not only a better but a safer option for you and your family.

Where to Go During a Home Roof Tearoff Project

No one wants to hang out at home while their roof is missing. So, short of wearing out your welcome at a friend of family member’s house, there are some great places around Portland to spend the day while the work is going on. Powell’s Books is the number one place in Stumptown to spend hours exploring endless shelves of books. And, who knows? Maybe getting a new roof means you need a “staycation.” Just down the street from Powells is the McMenamins Crystal Hotel. A fun and affordable lodging option for tourists and locals alike.