Pros and Cons of gun laws in America

According to the recent statistics, 88% guns are owned per 100 people. This is the highest per capita number in the world. The America’s second amendment law states that: A well-regulated militia is a necessity to the security of a free state, the people’s rights to bear and own guns will not be infringed. Even though most of the people have formed different opinions on having strict or loose gun laws, it is a complicated debate. This is because both sides have strong opinions. The wake of mass shooting which is has continued to pop up in different states brings about the advantages and disadvantages of having strict or lose guns: Benefits of gun control There are a number of crimes which can be restricted by the gun control. In fact, most of the crimes which are committed in America are by use of the guns.


When the guns are not available legally and freely, the violent crimes will be averted. When the number goes down the society will be safer. Another benefit of having strict guns is that the possibilities of criminals who would be compelled to kill or otherwise kill an individual will be reduced. If the victim has a gun or firearm, then the criminal will feel threaten. Thus, it may kill the person in a self defense act. A victim who is not a threat to the criminal may even escape with minor injuries and with the absence of gunshots and fatal wounds. Passion for crimes is on the rise and they are facilitated easily by the availability of guns. When the second law is amended, it will be difficult for people to own the guns. As a result, they will not be having any weapon which can easily arm their own lives or other people. Murder and suicides attempts will be minimized since it will be convenient with the use of a gun.

The 2nd amendment constitution law which clearly aims at the National Guard in general will also be enforced. The kids will not be able to engage in fatal accidents or deadly acts when there is restriction of guns. Limitations of gun control One of the major disadvantages of gun control is that criminals who have vicious intentions will always find a route of acquiring the guns. The absolute gun control will not be possible. People will be able to procure their own guns through back markets or bootleggers. In addition to that, there would be a new industry of guns which will be sold on the streetlights. Also, there will be no trace of the number of guns which will be sold and the owner of the guns will not be determined. Ordinary persons who don’t have the potential of owning a gun will have no weapon for self defense. The weak people and women are the most vulnerable.

During the act of crime, a gun will act as deterrence for most of the criminals. The criminals may have a wild run when they have committed an offence since there is no gun which is available. Conclusion When guns are not restricted to the law abiding citizens, public safety will be enhanced. On the other hand, firearms which are in the wrong hands will endanger everybody. Therefore, it is important to do background checks on the guns before selling to them.